Monday, March 1, 2010

Old Momma's can learn new tricks!

So, I finally got a laptop this weekend so that Shannon can give me training sessions on this blog and the crafters cove website. I will be handling things once she has the baby in August. It will take me that long to figure things out. I did manage to finish one afghan and another table runner that we will be posting soon. One of these days I will get things going at a better speed. Daycare is finally under control and I'm getting used to being home after working all those years and driving 90 miles a day to work......woot-woot! My car even likes it. My creative brain is starting to kick in and once spring comes I will be doing more. Thanks to Shannon for all the work she has done getting everything set up because without her I would be screwed as I am technology challenged. Give me fabric and thread and I'm fine!!!!!!


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