Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The perfect craft weekend that wasn't....

So for about a month or so my mom and I have been planning this awesome craft weekend for Saturday through Monday while my husband and my dad went out of town together. We planned on my daughter and I sleeping over at her house and crafting from morning til late at night and creating so many things that we would have tons of new listings coming up. Well That is how the weekend started.......

So after dropping off my dad and husband at the airport I rushed back home to my parent's house to get the weekend started. I started a new creation that we are trying out and then we decided to go to Walmart to get a few supplies. We didn't get much done that night but we had plenty of time the next day so we decided to go to sleep and get up early and start.

The next morning we got up and set up some projects. I had to run home quick to feed our guinea pig and I thought I would grab my camera so that we could get some new items listed right away. Well I fed Linny, the guinea pig, and I ran downstairs to grab the camera and SQUISH!!! My foot was soaked! The carpet was almost standing water splashing with each step and I didn't know where it came from. I opened up the door to the under the stair storage and the entire hallway and everything in it was drenched in water. I called my mom to come and help me clean up the water and move the stuff out of storage. Since I am pregnant I can't lift the heavy bins that were under there so all I can say is thank goodness for my mom!!

While I was waiting for her to come over the phone rings. I answer it to find my mother-in-law on the other end. She was calling to tell me that she fell the night before outside while walking her dog and broke her wrist and couldn't take care of him for a while and needed me to come down to pick him up. I felt really bad at what had happened so I told her I would call her after my water was cleaned up.

Two and a half hours later, the water was cleaned up and there were fans going to dry up the carpet the rest of the way. When that was finished we started the two hour drive to go pick up the dog. By the end of the day when we got back home it was almost 7pm and we still needed to have dinner. So the three of us had something to eat, played with my daughter for a bit and retired to bed early as we were exhausted from the day of events.

So the weekend ended with myself finishing nothing and my mom finishing one quilt. With everything that happened we still made it fun and tried to make the best of our spending time together. I guess we will just try this again another weekend. :)

~Shannon & Rene

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  1. Gosh, what a hectic weekend. Sorry it didn't go as planned, but as least you all had fun. Hope the next time turns out great.