Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finally in the sewing room...

This is our new listing for today. It is an earth tone floral lap quilt. My mom and I are finally back working in the sewing room. She is currently working on a hand sewn flower pillow that is beautiful. It will be listed in a few days when she is finished.

Our next goal is to straighten up our sewing rooms and take photos of them to show you all where we work to create our things. It may be a while but we will get them up as soon as we have the time to clean them up :)

Hope your weather is as nice as ours....mid 50's!! We will update you again soon with some new things coming to our shop.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well the weather is finally nice today...60's today. It is inspiring me to make spring and summer items for the garden. I have plans on some windchimes and garden feeders. The garage is cleaned out so now I can use the work bench to CREATE! Silverware, frying pan lids and wood are some of the items I hope to use. These things have worked well in my garden to jazz it up. So I need to get to work. I had a nice collage going the other day but when I cleaned the sewing room it all came off the table and back to designing it again and gluing as I go instead of leaving it lay on the table, so hopefully we will have a few things to post in the next week. The ideas are coming more and more with the nice weather. I'll let you know how it goes.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a difference a month makes!

So exactly a month ago today I posted a blog about how snowy it was here, I believe it was Valentine's Day, and also posted a snowy picture with it of my yard. Well today, a month later, we have absolutely no snow in our yard and it got to 65 degrees and was beautiful!!! My husband and I went out in the yard and played t-ball with our daughter and made chalk drawings in the driveway. I hope this is a sign of warm weather to come! If it is nice like this again tomorrow we plan to vacuum and dust out both of our vehicles since the lovely winter has brought lots of sand and dirt into them.

Went over to mom's house today and brought her back her sandbox for the kids and she was outside getting that up and running with the other grandkids. I know she is looking forward to bringing them outside to play tomorrow when they come over for daycare. We are both loving this nice change in weather. I think today was also the first day that it hasn't rained in about a week.

Sending you all nice warm weather too where ever you may be!!!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another sunny day, another new listing

Another beautiful day here in MN. It got just above 40 degrees and it felt wonderful!! My daughter and I walked out to get the mail and we ran into the neighbor kids we haven't seen all winter. She was very excited so I let her play outside for over a half an hour drawing chalk in the driveway. It did us both good to get some fresh air! I spent the whole morning cleaning the house. I figured since I crafted yesterday I should clean today so when I got into the mood I ran with it. I think I did a little too much though cause my back hurts :P
Today our new listing is a brown flowered composition journal. It has a dark brown stripped paper on the inside and a brown ribbon accent on the front and back binding. These journals are perfect for keeping your thoughts, writing notes or even giving them to your children to draw and write in as their own special book. My niece and nephew each have one of these and love them!!
Busy weekend ahead that starts tomorrow.....Not sure if I'll get a new listing on or not, maybe mom will be on and try one on her own :) You can do it mom!!!
Bye for now....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Three New Listings!

We have finally gotten back on our roll of crafting and listed these three new items tonight. The first one is a newborn baby blanket and hat set in purple. We have several other colors listed on our site and a few more colors still to come.
The second listing is for a plaid table runner or could also be used for a small quilt. It measures 31x31 and has a maroon backing.
The third listing is for a pink baby girl composition journal. I also have the identical pattern for that journal in blue for a baby boy. I just have to finish up a few things on it and it will be ready to list in the next few days.
The weather is changing here and the snow is finally starting to melt!! There are grassy patches coming into view and spring is definetly on it's way!! It got to 42 degrees today and sunny and is making me get into the crafting mood. Warmer weather always motivates me to either clean or craft :) Since I crafted today does that mean I have to clean tomorrow???
Stay tuned for more blogs from my mom and I. Yes, my mom is blogging now :)
~Shannon & Rene

Monday, March 1, 2010

Old Momma's can learn new tricks!

So, I finally got a laptop this weekend so that Shannon can give me training sessions on this blog and the crafters cove website. I will be handling things once she has the baby in August. It will take me that long to figure things out. I did manage to finish one afghan and another table runner that we will be posting soon. One of these days I will get things going at a better speed. Daycare is finally under control and I'm getting used to being home after working all those years and driving 90 miles a day to work......woot-woot! My car even likes it. My creative brain is starting to kick in and once spring comes I will be doing more. Thanks to Shannon for all the work she has done getting everything set up because without her I would be screwed as I am technology challenged. Give me fabric and thread and I'm fine!!!!!!