Monday, February 8, 2010

Today's new listing!

Well so far so good on our plan to list a new item each day. We are on day three and doing well!! I think that it helps that there is a blizzard outside today keeping me in and making me craft and be creative. By morning tomorrow we may have 6-10 inches of snow which will make tomorrow another great day for crafting!!

My mom and I are going strong on the creative front and we have come up with a plan to make our one new listing a day stay successful. Since we live about a minute away from each other, we have decided to meet up at one of our houses one day a week and make things together. We will stay until we have made enough items for one a day listings for the next week.

We did that this past weekend and we found that we work way better together than trying to each work in our own sewing rooms alone. I find that we motivate each other when we are in the same room. That way, we can also give the other ideas and pointers on what we are working on. For instance I was creating our new fabric bulletin boards (like the one above) and I was struggling with what to do for the hanger. My mom saw that I have some left over fabric sitting on the table and instead of adding it to the never ending scrap pile, she took it to her sewing machine and made the tied hanger. It was a brilliant idea and we were able to use all of the fabric and not have any waste.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our next new listing!!

~Shannon & Rene

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