Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a difference a month makes!

So exactly a month ago today I posted a blog about how snowy it was here, I believe it was Valentine's Day, and also posted a snowy picture with it of my yard. Well today, a month later, we have absolutely no snow in our yard and it got to 65 degrees and was beautiful!!! My husband and I went out in the yard and played t-ball with our daughter and made chalk drawings in the driveway. I hope this is a sign of warm weather to come! If it is nice like this again tomorrow we plan to vacuum and dust out both of our vehicles since the lovely winter has brought lots of sand and dirt into them.

Went over to mom's house today and brought her back her sandbox for the kids and she was outside getting that up and running with the other grandkids. I know she is looking forward to bringing them outside to play tomorrow when they come over for daycare. We are both loving this nice change in weather. I think today was also the first day that it hasn't rained in about a week.

Sending you all nice warm weather too where ever you may be!!!


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