Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another sunny day, another new listing

Another beautiful day here in MN. It got just above 40 degrees and it felt wonderful!! My daughter and I walked out to get the mail and we ran into the neighbor kids we haven't seen all winter. She was very excited so I let her play outside for over a half an hour drawing chalk in the driveway. It did us both good to get some fresh air! I spent the whole morning cleaning the house. I figured since I crafted yesterday I should clean today so when I got into the mood I ran with it. I think I did a little too much though cause my back hurts :P
Today our new listing is a brown flowered composition journal. It has a dark brown stripped paper on the inside and a brown ribbon accent on the front and back binding. These journals are perfect for keeping your thoughts, writing notes or even giving them to your children to draw and write in as their own special book. My niece and nephew each have one of these and love them!!
Busy weekend ahead that starts tomorrow.....Not sure if I'll get a new listing on or not, maybe mom will be on and try one on her own :) You can do it mom!!!
Bye for now....

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