Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Stretch

Well it's been a long stretch of time since I last posted anything. The large craft show that Shannon and I were in took alot out of me. We did really well and have had to re-group to get the inventory up again on the site. I have finally learned how to list things on my own and figured I better start learning or Shannon will not do it anymore for me. I can only play dumb for so long. The daycare kids are not letting me do much during the day and so I have been trying to get things done on weekends and evenings. I will be taking a short vacation and driving to AZ in a week and so I will be trying to make the brain be more creative. The 3-day drive down there and the time by the pool should regenerate the creative thinking and get me on the right track again. So look for some new things in the coming weeks to see if the vacation helped.

"Sewing mends the soul" Author Unknown


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