Thursday, October 14, 2010's October!?!

Time just seems to be flying by. I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner and I hate to say that snow is just behind that. Not sure that I'm ready to see white again just yet. Fall isn't nearly long enough! I will say thought that Christmas music does wonders for our sewing. We had it playing in mom's sewing room the other day and we actually got some things done.

My life is finally starting to fall back into place. My sewing room has become my friend once again. It was definetly my enemy for the first month or so after my son was born but we have recently found each other again. My son is getting used to the noise of the sewing machine and I actually think that it puts him to sleep.....some days. Others I think he knows I really am in the mood to sew and I swear, the second my foot hits the presser foot, he cries! That is where my daughter comes in. She is in love with her little brother. If he cries she is right there to sing him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and give him his pacifier. She looks forward to playing in the sewing room now and if I let her watch a movie it's even easier to convince her to go down there so mommy can sew :)

Mom's life is getting a bit easier during the day as well. Her two big girls are now in half day kindergarten four days a week so when they are gone and the two little ones are napping she can sneak into her her sewing room and work to!! We have been tag teaming some of our things where I will start the project and she will, for example, hand sew all of them shut. That is something she can do while sitting down and watching the kids without having to go into the other room. Lucky for me because that is one thing I hate doing so we make a good team!!

This craft show is really starting to sneak up on us!! We have just over a month to get our rears in gear and have all of our projects done. Luckily, we have started revamping our shops and some of the things we decided to not sell on there anymore will go to the craft show. We are trying to focus our shops on similar items and giving them more of a theme than having a few "mutt" shops as I like to call them. It's a slow process of narrowing down our product but in the end I think it will be great.

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall season and we will chat again soon.


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