Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Arrivals

So I know it's been a while since we wrote on our blog, we have been busy doing crafts for a show in November, making wool pumpkins for the website, and Shannon finally delivering her new baby boy! Today Joey is already two weeks old and she has no desire to craft at the moment which leaves me to create for the time being. I will be trying to get a number of things done as she gets a schedule down with the baby. His big sister is adjusting as well so everyone has been a little out of sorts lately. We will try and post the pumpkins in the next week or so onto the website for purchase. I am camera stupid and don't know how to put pictures on yet. My camera doesn't even have a memory stick....It's a dinosaur!!! Will have to invest in a new one soon. My husband has the good camera! It's amazing how time flies and fall will be just around the corner. We have had numerous tornado warnings in the last week and have facebooked from the basement shelter.....we are a little tired of it and the heat has been unbearable and heat and menopause just don't mix so I haven't even taken the daycare kids outside. Next week it will be cooler and more sane in my household if they can go out and play during the day. I try and craft when they sleep and now the two 5 year olds will be going to kindergarten in September. It will be nice for them. And I can still craft with the smaller kids. We didn't get as many projects done this summer as we were hoping, but maybe once Shannon's schedule with the baby gets settled and I get kids off to school we will have better luck.....We need a few SNOW days to be cooped up!!!!!! We craft well on those kind of days. I did turn the air colder in the house and played Christmas music to get into the mood of winter crafts and it did work for awhile but everyone thought I was crazy....I guess I am but that's another blog....have a great weekend and we'll talk soon.

Rene and Shannon

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