Monday, June 14, 2010

Introducing the launch of our second store!!

We have been quite busy lately. Mom and I decided to open up a second Etsy store and have one for our adult items and open a new one for our child and baby items. We have been working hard to get the second one up and running and it has been open for just over a month. The hard work has paid off as we finally got our first sale!! Mom has been wearing the creative hat lately and is coming up with some adorable children's crocheted hats!! Be sure to check them out!

Here is the link to our second shop:

We are still working on transferring our children's items over to the other shop but make sure you check in with both sites for new items!!!

We have also been working on making our items for the fall craft show in November. Still a ways out but it is a pretty busy show and gets lots of traffic through there so we want to make sure we have plenty of inventory.

In other news, Mom is just finishing up a quilt for a charity project which is wonderful. Two more blocks and it will be ready to put together. We will post a picture when it is finished, it's beautiful. We are also counting the weeks down to the new member of the family joining us soon. My son is due in 7 weeks so we are trying to get as much done as possible until that time comes.

We will check in again soon. Please make sure you check out the new shop and don't forget about The Crafter's Cove shop too :)


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  1. I am a follower of your blog and just wanted to let you know that I am hosting a giveaway of one of my fabric necklaces!!!!

    please enter to win!

    (also if you would like to share on your blog or with others that would be great too!)