Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4 new listings today!!

New today: A Rene original!!
4 different seasons of decorative pillows newly listed today on our site. They are all hand sewn on the front with cotton fabric, wool, buttons and embroidery floss. The perfect addition to your home decor!
The warm weather is starting to have a good effect on us and our creative minds. We are currently working on sweet talking my dad into buying us this travel trailer to put out in the yard to use as our crafting get-away!! We would gut most of the stuff out of it and add in shelves and storage for all of our fabric, craft projects and much more. We have already talked about taking the bed out of the back bedroom and making that the cutting/ironing room. We think it sounds fantastic so once we can convince him that it is we may be able to get it :) We'll keep you posted on that.
Another new thing we are working on adding to our site is a Gift With Purchase. We have a lot of scrap fabric that needs to be used up but isn't quite big enough to make a lot. Mom had a great idea for what to use it for and once they are available as a free gift we will let you know!!
The days around here are pretty crazy with daycare and now playing outside but lots of fun. My daughter enjoys coming over to my mom's house to play with the other 5 kids as she gets tired of just playing with me all the time.
We'll update soon on new things to our site and our plans to move to a "new location."

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